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3 Simple Steps For Reducing Your Daily Stress

By June 24, 2020September 21st, 2020No Comments

Reducing Your Daily Stress.

You may have the worlds best self-care routine, but every now and then, stress hits you upside the head. It knocks you out for a round or two, and your in a completely fog when you come to.

Let’s just admit it – we’re all stressed. 

Work environment stress has risen 20% in the last 30 years. That’s a lot. 

There’s something seriously wrong with this stat. How can most people’s place of work be this stressful? Now, for the few of us who are entrepreneurs, we have more control over crafting our ideal environment. But on the flip side, we have a harder time turning work ‘off’ at the end of the day.

Individuals who work in the archaic office model are influenced by their colleagues. In other words; if your boss is having a shit day, unfortunately, you may start to have one too.

That’s because stress is contagious.

Studies have shown that stress affects the passer-by, the innocent human who walks into your stress-tornado.  Experts aren’t sure the lasting effect this has on the brain, but it sure makes sense.

Ever walk by two people in a verbal fight? I don’t know about you, but my heart feels instantly heavy and I get an immediate flight response. Put me in that situation for hours, and I’d be a ball of anger and irritation.

Essentially, I would absorb their stress and make it my own by default.

So, how do you combat stress on a daily basis?

It’s different for everyone, but I’ve come up with a short list of must-do’s that help me alleviate daily stress. Because, let’s get real – stress is compounding. If you don’t deal with it today, whatever is coming at you tomorrow will feel so much worse.

1. Just breath. Do it often, and do it properly. 

We forget how important breathing actually is, because our bodies breathe on their own without much thought. But when’s the last time you actually paused to listen and count your breath?

Try the 4-7-8 method to pull back some oxygen into your body, lower stress, improve sleep and become centered. Dr. Andrew Weil founded this simple technique that has been proven to ease the body and mind. Try it yourself! – follow the chart below:

2. Joy – Seek it. Have it. Live it. 

True, unbridled joy. The kind you actually grin ear-to-ear about. Find the time to bring moments like this into your everyday life. 

You may it’s difficult, but it’s not. You can find even five minutes here and there to add joy into life – you just need to be clear on where it comes from. 

Here’s my challenge for you:

Make a list of all the things that bring you joy. Go crazy, and write down as many as you can think of.

Do a ‘brain-dumb’ so your truly free-flowing with your thoughts. What’s a ‘Brain Dump’? Check out this great article about the technique: How To Brain Dump

3. The ‘I’m too busy’ routine. Just stop. 

Now onto the “I’m too busy” and you most definitely are.

What are some of the ways in which the activities throughout the day consume you? Is it the time it takes, the brain-power or physicality involved?

Make a list of each task you completed during a typical week and see what your working with. We all know that these things compound, and by the weeks end (if you have one) adding one more itty-bitty tasks can set you ablaze. 

Any way to reduce the amount of workload you have in a week will greatly improve your mental wellbeing and reduce your stress.

If you can’t figure this out on your own, hire someone who can help you get to the bottom of why your too busy in the first place.

The obvious answer may not be what you think it is. 

It may even take a few coaching sessions, or difficult chats with your business partner or boss, to really get to the bottom of your feelings of stress. 

First, let’s tackle the “I’m too busy’, but your really not.

By claiming to be busy, your essentially proving your worth or status. I personally happen to think the opposite – time for yourself equals success.

If you’ve intentionally carved out the time to do the things you love, then you’ve got it all sorted out! This is a goldmine for reducing stress, anxiety and living life on your terms.

Because it’s every day that enjoying life needs to occur – not on weekends, nights or on vacation.